About Us

Nambisan's - a name that brings to memory the fondest of moments that the malayalee family has spent together cherishing every festival. At Nambisan's we do not work to just give you another product, but give you something that you cherish for its quality and for its ability to enhance the taste of every dish you cook.

Our traditional cooking ghee has been the choice of millions of homes in south India and we were surprised to be found in certain homes outside India too. Made from the best of the dairy produce from the Milk belt of South India, Nambisan's Ghee and Butter are two products that have use in every home. Nambisan's for more than eighty years has been continuously serving customers the best of tradition using the most modern techniques that has been the favorite choice of millions of homes in Kerala and the Andamans & Nicobar Islands.

1932 - the year that the Late Mr.M.K.Nambisan, a great visionary started the Nambisan’s D.V.Dairy Farm, a partnership firm that slowly and steadily built on the market and established itself as a pioneer in quality dairy products.

1965 - the year that Nambisan’s Dairy P. Ltd., was incorporated and took over the partnership firm, and today it stands as a testimony to quality and taste always being paramount. The company manufactures authentic dairy foods mainly Butter and Ghee, distributed across the length and breadth of Kerala, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Since the year 2000, the board of the company was reconstituted and the present Board of Directors had brought about a radical change in the sales pattern by doing away with the sales depots for cost cutting and greatly improved the turnover by appointing Distributors, who in turn supplied to all major and small retail and wholesale outlets all over Kerala, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The brand “Nambisan’s” is being further strengthened and fortified by a series of advertisement campaigns in TV, Railway Station and other media to recapture the market as one of the leading brand of Ghee and Butter.


The team at Nambisan’s continuously strives to monitor the quality and taste of the products, gaining from regular feedback from dependable customers at large..


To offer the world reliable food products that can be cherished and relished for their unmatched quality and for their ability to enhance the taste of every cooked dish and delight the senses.


To make Nambisan’s the Numero Uno brand in the Butter and Ghee market and reinforce the 75 years history by continuously serving loyal customers with the best of tradition using the latest techniques.